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Article I - Title and Purpose

Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the National Education Association Gay Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus (NEA-GLBTC)
Section 2: The NEA-GLBTC is established for the purpose:
A. To protect the rights and interests of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members of the Association and their supporters.
B. To promote recognition of the needs and constitutional rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students, both self-identified or perceived.
C. To advance understanding and acceptance of gay, lesbian bisexual, and transgender people in all areas of society.

Article II - Membership
Section 1: Categories of Membership & Voting Rights

A. Active membership shall be open to all persons who are active members of the NEA, employees of NEA and its state and local affiliates, or life members of the NEA. Active membership has full voting rights.
B. Student membership shall be open to all student NEA members. Student membership has full voting rights.
C. Retired membership shall be open to all NEA-retired members. Retired membership has full voting rights.
D. Associate membership shall be open to all persons who support the goals of the NEA-GLBTC. Associate membership does not have voting rights.
Section 2:
Membership shall become effective upon payment of dues and membership year runs from July 1 through June 30.
B. In order to vote in the current election, membership must be purchased prior to the end of RA business on the day before caucus elections.

Article III - Authority

Section 1: The decision-making authority on all issues before the NEA-GLBTC will be the member of the caucus attending official caucus meetings during the NEA-RA.
Section 2: Between caucus meetings and between NEA RA conventions, such authority shall be vested in the Steering Committe.

Article IV - Officers

Section 1: The officers shall be two co-chairs (one male identified and one female identified), secretary, and treasurer. The officers shall be elected for two year terms. All officers shall take office September 1st of their election year.
A. The co-chairs shall call and preside at meetings and make committee appointments as necessary.
B. The secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting, keep attendance records, and be responsible for keeping an accurate record of the By-Laws and Standing Rules.
C. The treasurer shall receive and have custody of all funds collected by the caucus, pay bills as authorized by the co-chairs, and provide for an annual financial statement at the NEA-RA.

Article V - Regional Directors

Section 1: There shall be a male identified and female identified regional director from each NEA Region.
Section 2: Regional directors shall operate under the direction of the caucus co-chairs.
Section 3: Term of office for regional directors will be two years.
Section 4: Regional directors shall take office upon their election.

Article VI - Appointed Directors

Section 1: The membership director, dinner, and outreach director shall be appointed annually by the co-chairs by September 1. Specific duties shall be assigned by the co-chairs in accordance with policies set forth by the steering committee.
Section 2: State contacts shall be limited to two per state.

Article VII - Steering Committee

Section 1: The Steering Committee shall be composed of the officers, the regional directors, membership director, dinner director, and the outreach director.
Section 2: Any caucus member who has voting rights may run for a Steering Committee position. If the person is seeking an officer position, then that person needs to have been a member of the caucus for at least one year
Section 3: The Steering Committee shall act as the governing board of the NEA-GLBTC. In addition, the Steering Committee shall recommend an annual budget and revision of By-Laws, as needed.

Article VIII - Committees

Section 1: (Standing Committees) Committees and their chairs shall be appointed by the co-chairs: Elections, Awards, Microphone Strategy, Candidate Recommendation, Membership, Dinner, Outreach, Bylaw, and Communications.
Section 2: (Ad Hoc Committees) The Steering Committee shall have the authority to appoint other ad hoc committees as needed.

Article IX- Ethnic Minority Representation

Section 1: The NEA-GLBTC shall strive to achieve at least 20% ethnic minority membership.

Article X - Meetings

Section 1: There shall be at least four meetings of the NEA-GLBTC during the NEARA.
Section 2: A quorum shall consist of the active members present.

Article Xl - Nominations and Elections

Section1: Officers
A. The female co-chair and the secretary shall be elected in even numbered years. The male co-chair and the treasurer shall be elected in odd numbered years.
B. Nominations of Male and Female Co-Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be submitted to the co-chairs by April 15th 5 PM Pacific Time.
Nominations for the above positions shall be closed and election for officers shall take place on the third day of business meetings of the NEA-RA, by secret ballot, under procedures established in the Standing Rules.1. Nominations for officers shall be limited to candidate's name, state affiliate, position, and office nominee seeks.

Section 2: Regional Directors

A. The female regional director shall be elected during even numbered years, and the male regional director shall be elected during odd numbered years.
B. Nominations for regional directors shall open on April 15 and close on the end of the second business day of meetings at the NEA-RA. Nominations may be submitted in writing to the co-chairs or taken from the floor. Election for regional directors shall take place on the third day of business meetings of the NEA-RA, by secret ballot, under procedures established in the Standing Rules.
1. Nominations for regional director shall be limited to candidate’s name, state affiliate, position, and office nominee seeks.

Article XII - Vacancies

Section 1: If a vacancy occurs in any elected position, the Steering Committee shall appoint a replacement to serve until the next regular election.

Article XIII - Finance

Section 1: Dues for membership shall be established at a meeting of the caucus during the NEA-RA.
Section 2: One percent of the total GLBTC budget shall be allotted to a contingency fund.

Article XIV - Standing Rules

Section 1: In addition to these By-Laws, the NEA-GLBTC shall be governed by such Standing Rules as the Steering Committee adopts.

Article XV- Parliamentary Authority

Section 1: The most current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall be the authority on all questions of procedure not specifically stated in these By-Laws or in the Standing Rules.

Article XVI . Amendments

Section 1: Amendments to these By-Laws must be submitted in writing to the secretary no later than April 1. Amendments must carry the signature of a minimum of five members representing at least two states or be submitted to the Secretary prior to November 1 by individual members for review and submission by the Steering Committee
Section 2:
Proposed amendments will be printed in the newsletter mailed immediately prior to the NEA-RA and will be freely distributed at the NEA-GLBTC booth and caucus meeting room.
Section 3: Voting on amendments shall be by secret ballot, and requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the active members present and voting.
Section 4: Proposed amendments become effective immediately upon passage.
Section 5: Voting on amendments will take place at the same time as the election of officers